Projects & Artists 2013

Here is a listing of all the fabulous art projects that were on display for 2013!

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Aqua Attack!
Calling All Parties
Are you a Super Villain or Super Hero? Aqua Attack! is hurdling toward Toronto! You don't want to miss the imaginary Japanese game show where you dress up and battle in kiddie pools with super soaked plush toys and guest game show hosts.
Bubble Battle
Loosely based on the Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss, a bubble battle is an explosion of bubbles! Bring bubble guns, bubble generators, and bubble wands, wait for the signal, and start blowing millions and millions of bubbles!
Bush Verite
Laura DiVilio & Philip Hare
Toronto based artists Laura DiVilio and Philip Hare amuse (and often perplex) the public with their spontaneous and completely ad-libbed performances dressed as bushes. Think Wile E. Coyote in shrub drag.
Can I Borrow that, for Art?
Alex Beriault, Brandonn Martin, Devin O'Brien, Eduardo Gutierrez, Humboldt Magnussen, Izaak SacreBleu, OCAD Collage Geniuses, Tiphaine Leonard
OCAD University Students have constructed an dreamlike store complete with oversized fruit and packaged sandwiches. These products are not for sale, making our store a catalyst for conversation and participation. This immersive work takes it’s inspiration from Claes Oldenburgs’ 1961 piece “The Store” which used collage and sculpture to comment on consumerism. We have expanded on this idea to include the concept of gift giving and creating a personal experience for the viewer, allowing everyone to assume and share the role of artist.
Daniel Willison, Gianfranco Bozzo
An activity that asks its participants to depict a word that they have been assigned through drawing, after being spun in circles till dizzy and with eyes closed. The participant is surrounded by walls that are to be used as supports for the participant to draw on. Onlookers try to guess what the participant is trying to depict. The lack of control when drawing, induced by the circumstances that are required for participation creates accidental marks and compositions. The participants of Disorienary are engaged in an inviting and fun manner, and together create something new and original.
Figment Circus Arts Camp
The Pyroneer
The circus arts are any form of circus skills practiced and performed by the people who love them. This year’s Figment Circus Arts Camp is focused on the Flow Arts; such as Poi, Staff, Hula Hoop, Rope Dart, Juggling, etc. Some of Toronto’s best flow artists will be teaching their skills and sharing their love of the circus arts. Find us by the banner for Figment Circus Arts Camp. Extra flow toys will be available, and you can bring your own. Come play in the grass and have some fun!
Tijana Spasic
soft feathery blankets, fire & ash, thunder & giants, billowing clouds and small devochkas lying awake all night. - a classic russian fairytale retold, once you solve the scavenger hunt. -Tea will be served.
frank perna
large 6ft wide papier mache elephant head.displayed overhead ,out of reach.can be attached to a tree or overhang from large hook on the back of hollow ,can accommodate a camping shower or hose to shower or hydrate or spray the general public.nose and horns are detachable.needs tarp or overhang protection in case of rain.
Dian Carlo/SoDi Designs
Inspired from an experience at the 2010 FIGMENT NYC event on Governors Island: 55 Gallon Drums will be assembled into an infinity symbol for participants to drum individually or work together to create music.
Inner Child's Play
Val Muzik & Chriztopher North
Inner Child’s Play is an interactive performance piece where we ask children to give their parents permission to let their own Inner Child play. Our team dresses up as silly Teacher characters on stilts. We give a contract to kids, and and reward parents and kids alike with buttons proclaiming their ability to be playful.
Interactive Tree Art
Lucien Pie
Tree art is built with the intention to capture your mind, soul, and body. Although unassuming in appearance this piece is notorious for ambushing your senses and challenging the perception of freedom in the modern world.
Junk Band
Kim Brilliant
Three brightly painted freestanding tripod-like structures, festooned with children's toys, metal water bottles, and other unexpected things that make great-sounding music. There will be strikers securely attached to the structures, and people of all heights and ages can play music together on the Junk Band.
Visual Art
Kiss Paintings: Olympic Island
Pearl Van Geest
Collectively created landscape paintings marked by the lip-sticked kisses of participants.
Pearl Van Geest
My Life in a Tweet
Christine Irving
How would you sum up your life and who you are in 140 characters? Technology has made our communications easier, faster, and more accesible but has it also distilled and dilluted how we communicate who we really are and our ability to connect at a deeper level. Given only 140 characters to communicate the sum of yourself and who you are, what will you say without the freedom of limitless adjectives, adverbs, and imagery?
Pirate Radio
Paula, Fee and Franklin
A colourful large radio with megaphone. Get inside and do your own pirate radio broadcast.
Visual Art
Pop Culture Sand Mandala
Natascha Malta / greetingsfromtoronto
Over the 2 day period, artist & the public will use pre-cut stencils & coloured sand to create a mandala on top of the grounds @ Figment. Using images borrowed from pop culture, participants will repeat the pattern out from the center. In time, the wind will blow the sand images away- representing the temporary & fragile nature of "life as we know it".
Visual Art
Produce Battle
Go Banana
Using colourful chalk, participants will choose to draw weaponry-wielding produce engaged in an epic battle. The Piece will move throughout day, directing the flow of human traffic and changing the function and look of the walking area. Participants are encouraged to compete and collaborate with each other and react to others’ drawings. Laura Krick and Olga Kouptchinski will facilitate an image-based conversation between the participants. Engaged in the organized chalk-tattooing, people leave their individual mark while simultaneously creating colour fields.
Visual Art
Red Face
Kyle Killam
Kyle Killam believes that thoughts and feelings have the ability to possess the one who houses them and that these “entities” want to be acknowledged. Through Red Face, Kyle provides the canvas these entities require for externalization and acknowledgement. Red Face is a performance art piece where the artist silently wanders the grounds gifting beautiful stones to random individuals. You will know Red Face by its black cloak and adornments of gold and silver. Nothing is revealed to onlookers except the red face. Only during gifting may you more of Red Face: a single red hand that emerges out of the blackness and quietly returns once the gift is received and accepted.
Sound Loops
Alissa Vox Raw
Alissa Vox RAW is the loop-based project of Toronto artist Alissa Klug. AVR creates rich tapestries of sound, sometimes with no more than voice and a loop pedal, but also with an eclectic array of instruments which include kalimba, synth, electric guitar and djembe. AVR's performance at Figment would be an interactive one. Audience members would volunteer sounds or words, and songs would be composed with the help of the sounds they contribute.
Anthony Rapoport, Lisa Emmons, Rachel Cowal
Naiads turned to statues, frozen in time. Longing to escape their statuesque state. A musician comes and their frozen existence is lifted for a time. Free to indulge in movement, bask in the sun and delight in human contact.
The Greatest Construction Crew
Dead Thespians
Dead Thespians is a theatre company based in Ontario. Conducting the autopsy of Canadian culture, dissecting social/political issues with a comedic edge. "The Greatest Construction Crew" is a new interactive performance that manifests the inner workings of the creative process. An introspective view on how a "thing" is made.
The Pearl Palace
Mollusk Nation, Muskibou Theatre
Puppets! Join in a day of puppet making, storytelling and performances under the shade of an oyster, The Pearl Palace. Workshops and shows will take place throughout the day. Drop by to see what's on, or relax in the shade!
The Temple Of Sound
Michael Moon
Live interactive sounds, chants, grooves and songs with exotic world instruments, live looping and percussion. Much of the music will be spontaneously created to fit the atmosphere of the moment. Come dance, sing and dream with us.
Gary MacLeod
I will be installing seemingly ordinary street "WARNING " signs that give the viewer pause because their content warn you of a contradictory situation or state of mind. Each sign is constructed to the exact material and dimensional specifications of actual street signs. Each sign will be situated to stand alone when seen by the viewer and could be situated near any part of a pedestrian walkway to appear as natural as possible. One sign will actually encourage participants to write comments on it and an erasable marker will be provided for this purpose.
Ming lau
Woven is a site-specific interactive maze that is made from found waste materials.The project encourages the act of play and make-shift communication through its tin-can telephones.